A Conscious Contradiction: Shane Claiborne's Fight to Unite

Radical Christian activist Shane Claiborne has been a hero of mine since his 2006 book Irresistible Revolution rocked me out of my pew. Through his work with Mother Teresa, his formation of The Simple Way in Philadelphia, and his life of constant political action, this is a man who consistently challenges those around him to live how Jesus lived. In conjunction with the United Ministry's 30th anniversary celebration featuring Claiborne, I prepped for this interview as I do most others. But if there's one thing I've learned, it's that when truth starts spewing, you get out of its way and let it flow. Here's the transcript.

Gangsta Gardener Harvests Hope

“Question everything.”

With that all-encompassing prompt, self-proclaimed Gangsta Gardener Ron Finley let Pensacola in on a little secret: he’s about a whole lot more than fruits and vegetables.

In town to present a lecture as part of the University of West Florida’s Downtown Lecture Series, the renown urban horticulturalist kept busy during his recent visit making the relentless rounds to local classrooms, charities and gardens, sharing knowledge and insights at each stop off.

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New Orleans, I love you
But you break my heart.

It's as if all our sins
Have washed down on you.

Pain and pleasure, 
Paradox personified.

Where closure and rebirth
Collide in an instant.
Where existential dialogues
Swirl with shouts of brute force,
Where agony and triumph become one
In a trumpet's single note.

New Orleans, I love you, 
But nothing.