Luella and the Sun have a lot to say, but they do it through their music. The four-piece band combines the fuzzy riffs of the Black Keys with the rock and roll grit and anything-goes weirdness of the White Stripes to make something all their own. And that’s before we even get to Luella, the band’s front-woman, whose hypnotic voice can propel the band to loud, soaring heights or guide it to the most delicate soul-piercing melody.

Fresh off head-turning sets at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival, the four-piece blues-rock-gospel band now makes its way to Hangout. IN caught up with bassist Adam Bednarik for a brief moment of downtime in the band’s tight schedule.

IN:  What are your thoughts about Nashville as an up-and-coming rock and roll city?
BEDNARIK: That’s the great thing about Nashville. You can make it anything you want. We are definitely aware of what is happening in the city, musically speaking. That being said, we prefer to stay true to ourselves and create from the heart and figure out what really inspires us. You can’t spend time worrying about what other people are doing; you’ll never accomplish anything.

IN:  How many shows did you guys do at SXSW? Was that whirlwind of activity something you enjoyed or was it a lot to take in?
BEDNARIK: We performed seven times at SXSW. It was a tight schedule but totally worth the effort. It was a fun time had by all and we met some great people.

IN:  What’s it like seeing the band gain attention from reputable outlets like NPR?
BEDNARIK: It’s amazing, especially when you take into account the magnitude of the festival and the massive amounts of bands who participate.

IN:  What makes the band worth seeing and hearing?
BEDNARIK: We bring a true rawness and energy every time we perform, whether recorded or live.

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