Trailer Stolen, Band Rips Face

A musician without gear is a fish without water, a bird without wings. For local artists, the constant grind of piecing together paying gigs leaves little room for that next piece of equipment that may put their sound and show over the edge. So imagine waking up one day to the cold, harsh realization that the trailer of tools you’ve spent years accumulating has vanished. For two of Pensacola music’s mainstays, that nightmare became reality earlier this week.

Sometime in the wee hours of Monday night, Tyler Mac and Tucker ZT’s trailer containing over ten thousand dollars of gear was stolen in the Cordova area of Pensacola. The trailer was equipped with multiple steel locks and parked under a brand new streetlight installed by the city just two months prior. A man in an old, small gray pickup was seen by a neighbor acting suspiciously around 4AM, but no further leads have surfaced. Police reports were promptly filed and all pawnshops notified of the missing gear.

There is silver lining in the story, though. The Pensacola music community is a small, but tight-knit one, and they look out for one another. It’s a community in the truest sense of the word, and they plan on coming out to Vinyl Music Hall in full force on Sunday for a benefit in support of the gear recovery. Reggae rock band Tribe Zion and blues rock outfit Nick and The Ovorols will open the show, followed by what one should assume will be a fire-breather of a set by the Tyler Mac Band.

The rock and roll lifestyle will forever be associated with nothing but fun, but the stark reality of life for the Gulf Coast musician is more grit and grime than glitz and glamour. These guys often spend their nights playing marathon gigs to handfuls of non-attentive people, and their days figuring out where they’re doing the same thing the very next night. They throw their blood, sweat, and tears on the stage, all to give us a momentary escape from the doldrums of life. Shouldn’t we, for once, return the favor?