The weather’s cold, but the club is not. On Saturday, guitarist/producer Mark Hill and drummer Mark Hill take to Vinyl Music Hall to give funk, electronic, and hip hop fans a reason to let loose. The brothers are fresh off a performance at funk mecca Bear Creek Music Festival, so they will, without a doubt, be fired up. What follows is an interview chock full of everything the Floozies’ music is capable of – wit, humor, and the ability to relax and have a little fun.

O&A: You guys are from Lawrence, Kansas. Sure, it’s Kansas, but it’s still a college town. It’s not like going to visit Dorothy’s family from the Wizard of Oz. Right? What’s the biggest misconception you’ve had to fight in being from there?
Floozies: Basically all the stuff you just said.

O&A: Is there much of a music scene in Lawrence and if so, what kind of stuff gets the most play?
Floozies: Yes, there is a great scene. You can find pretty much anything you want to see or listen to there. Bands like us, Kansas, Split Lip Rayfield, Charlie Parker, Tech n9ne, and plenty of other great artists are all from Lawrence or Kansas City. Just like anywhere else, if you make good stuff and blow peoples minds in front of their face, they will support you.

O&A: Basketball is a hobby for you guys when not playing music. Did you play growing up? Bird or Magic?
Floozies: Yes, we played growing up and still do, although we aren’t as good as we used to be. We can’t pick between Magic and Basketball Jesus. How about a hybrid super player, Magic Bird?

O&A: You mom’s been hugely influential on you guys as far as the music you grew up on. Was she ever hesitant about you taking the professional musician career route?
Floozies: We’ve been incredibly lucky to have a family that’s supported us since we were little. Our parents believed in us and helped when they could. We are very, very fortunate for that.

O&A: You grew up with the old school funk of Parliament Funkadelic and KC & the Sunshine Band..
Floozies: Who was influential in bringing the electronic elements to the table? EOTO and The Glitch Mob were some of the first electronic artists we saw. Those were big eye openers. All those cool new instruments and musical tools really inspired us.

O&A: Do The Floozies get down to anything “unfunky”? Anything you listen to that might surprise us?

Floozies: Everything. We even listen to country. George Strait all day. Chris Cornell is Matt’s hero, we both really like Martin Sexton. Sam Smith is pretty great, too.

O&A: What advantages does having live guitar and drums bring when compared to a strictly DJ-led show?
Floozies: For us, the advantage is that we get to play those instruments and that’s good because that’s where we come from musically. It opens up a lot more improvisational possibilities and new ground that can be explored.

O&A: What limitations does only being a duo place on you guys?
Floozies: Not a lot really. Got no complaints.

O&A: If you could put together a full band, who’d be in it?
Floozies: Us – Matt Hill and Mark Hill. And maybe Freddie mercury on a song or two.

O&A: Both Griz and Dominic from Big Gigantic have been big supporters. Why is collaboration so important in this scene?
Floozies: It helps to keep people inspired so we don’t put out boring stuff. When you work with other people, it’s like a window into their brain and sometimes you’ll find new things that you never even thought to try.

O&A: What’s the motivation in putting your music up for free download?
Floozies: Because fuck it. That’s why.

O&A: Best “brother” band – Allman Brothers, Isley Brothers, or Doobie Brothers?
Floozies: None of the above, even though those are all badass. It’s a tie between Zapp and Roger and the Jackson Five. Maybe drop Hanson in there somewhere.

Photo: Band Official